Turn Your Christmas Cards Into Christmas Gift Tags

by Stewart 19. April 2013 21:24

Instead of throwing out that mound of Christmas cards, why not save yourself some money and make your own gift tags.

All you need is a pile of old Christmas cards, a pair of scissors, a hole punch and some ribbon/string…

Firstly, go through your old Christmas cards and cut out any images or designs you like. You want a big enough shape so you can write a personal message on the back. You can also cut each corner of your rectangle cut outs at a 45angle to give that gift tag look.

Grab a hole punch and create a hole about 1mm from the top of your tag for you to thread string through later.

Once you have made a hole at the top of the card, find a pair of scissors and cut about 2 inches of string. Fold the string in half, and where the string creates a loop, thread this through the hole.

Take the other ends of the string and thread them through the loop you have just made. Pull the string tight and hey presto you have your homemade Christmas gift tag.

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Let The Festive Cheer Start Right Here!

by Stewart 11. April 2013 00:35

Christmas is a while away yet but if you are anything like my mum you will have all your presents bought and wrapped by August and the freezer looking like the cakes and desert section in Marks and Sparks. For the less organised among us don’t worry because we have you covered this year!

Each week Christmas Hampers will post a “Christmas tip of the week” on our new interactive blog from now until the run up to the big day. If you are looking for money saving ideas, stuck for recipes to tickle everyone’s taste buds or just looking for tips on decorating the tree then watch this space.

To get this blog rolling lets tackle one of the most common and stressful things about Christmas...  Last minute Xmas shopping. Now I am not going to preach to you about how you should be better organised and have all your shopping done three weeks in advance to avoid the queues etc, etc... Far from it, because I know when it comes down to it you will be like me, still in Harvey Nic’s at 4.55pm on Christmas Eve watching it kick off like a scene from “300”.

What I have found though that makes last minute shopping a lot less stressful is compiling a friends and relative “Wish list” throughout the year. Whenever your loved one says “oh that’s nice” or “I would love that” or “I really wish I could buy that”, write whatever it is down on a piece of paper and the persons name beside it. This way when it gets to Christmas Eve and you have no idea who to buy for and what to get them, you can take out your list and let the Christmas gift buying bonanza begin.

This also works really well when you are stuck for birthday present ideas and you can also create your own little wish list to give to friends and family so you are not disappointed on Christmas morning.


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