Hampers for the Perfect Host

by Stewart 29. November 2014 23:01

We’re going to let you into a little pre-Christmas secret… our hampers really come into their own when you have to cater for impromptu drinks and nibbles over the festive season.

Whoever holds the key to our Taste of Christmas Carton will never be caught out. A beautiful bottle of crisp Botter Prosseco gets proceedings off to a jolly start. Nestled in beside Cartwright and Butler crunchy cheese biscuits and chili and garlic olives you will find perfect Perthshire oatcakes, light and creamy Rendles salmon and dill pate, Arran cheddar or Mrs Bridges apricot and peach preserve.

And there’s always room for a warm, aromatic mince pie, whatever the time of day.

Those who adhere to this festive motto will feel well equipped with the Wee Festive Artisan hamper. Brew a perfect pot of Super Fruit Tea whilst guests enjoy handmade mince pies or a slice of irresistible Campbell’s Bakery Christmas cake.

Last but not least, enter the Christmas Fayre Gift Bag. Complete with a scrumptious Mathew Walker Classic Christmas pudding, Rendles All Butter Palmiers baked with decadent gouda & edam cheese, topped with Mrs Bridges delicious Christmas spiced fruit chutney.

If that sounds like the perfect way to spend the festive season, then make sure you kit out your friends and family with all they need to host the perfect festive drinks soirée.

5 little known Christmas facts

by Stewart 25. October 2013 02:04

At Christmas Hamper we love Christmas! So much so that we’ve discovered these five little known festive facts:

1. Christmas crackers were inspired by fire
In 1840, Thomas Smith brought the bon bon from Paris to the UK and sold it wrapped in tissue paper from his stall in London.

One night while sitting by the fire, Thomas heard the crackling and was inspired to add a little festive bang to his paper bon bons.

Seven years later and Thomas had developed his idea into the Christmas cracker we all know and love.

2. Christmas was once cancelled!
In 1647, the English parliament passed a law that made Christmas illegal. Puritan Oliver Cromwell banned the holiday believing that feasting and celebrating on a holy day was immoral.

Any person caught celebrating Christmas between 1647 and 1660 was arrested; the ban was only overturned when the Puritans lost power in 1660.

3. What are “colley birds”?
The popular Christmas song “12 days of Christmas” features “four calling birds” but this lyric was originally “four colley birds”.

Colleys are ye olde English for the blackbirds that we find in our gardens throughout the year and one of the most common birds in Britain.

4. Oh deer Rudolph
Rudolph the red nosed reindeer is a lovely story but the origins of this much loved Christmas character isn’t so child-friendly.

Norwegian scientists have theorized that this peculiar condition probably came from a parasitic infection of the reindeer’s nervous system which caused nasal inflammation.

Definitely not a story for the kids!

5. How tall?
According to the Guinness World Book of Records the tallest Christmas tree ever displayed was the 221-foot Douglas Fir that was placed in the Northgate Shopping Centre in Seattle, Washington for Christmas 1950.

That’s higher than Scotland’s tallest tree which measured in at 209ft in 2009!

For a Scottish Christmas without the record-breaking tree visit our Scottish Christmas Hamper page.

Christmas Hampers – get more bang for your buck

by Stewart 10. September 2013 16:59

Why spend £30 on a single staff gift this Christmas when you can spend the same amount of money on a nicely presented gift hamper which includes more than a dozen items? No brainer right?!

Christmas Hampers are one of the few corporate gifts that are so versatile and good value for money that it would be crazy not to think about them as a way of motivating your employees.

Here are three reasons why Christmas hampers should be given some serious consideration when rewarding staff this festive season. 


Hampers can include near enough any range or combination of items. You can buy cheese and wine hampers, chocolate hampers, hampers full of meat or savoury items, even hampers that include retro sweeties. 

Don’t limit yourself by giving staff a bottle of wine. Instead a hamper that includes a range of gourmet items will go down a lot better and be much more appreciated.

If you show your staff how much they are worth through the gifts you give them, they are likely to show appreciation and loyalty in the work ethic they give in return.

Bespoke services

The good thing with corporate Christmas hampers is that you are not restricted to a standard range. If you have staff with dietary requirements (i.e. gluten free) or you want to include unique items within the hampers, you can. 

Most companies will be more than willing to accommodate your needs, and even if they can’t fulfil exactly what you want they will make sure to source a suitable alternative. 

Value for money

As well as getting a lot more for your money, ordering staff hampers in bulk will often result in volume discounts.  

If budgets are tight this year, then hampers could be the way forward for a truly memorable staff gift with massive money saving potential. 

Let The Festive Cheer Start Right Here!

by Stewart 11. April 2013 00:35

Christmas is a while away yet but if you are anything like my mum you will have all your presents bought and wrapped by August and the freezer looking like the cakes and desert section in Marks and Sparks. For the less organised among us don’t worry because we have you covered this year!

Each week Christmas Hampers will post a “Christmas tip of the week” on our new interactive blog from now until the run up to the big day. If you are looking for money saving ideas, stuck for recipes to tickle everyone’s taste buds or just looking for tips on decorating the tree then watch this space.

To get this blog rolling lets tackle one of the most common and stressful things about Christmas...  Last minute Xmas shopping. Now I am not going to preach to you about how you should be better organised and have all your shopping done three weeks in advance to avoid the queues etc, etc... Far from it, because I know when it comes down to it you will be like me, still in Harvey Nic’s at 4.55pm on Christmas Eve watching it kick off like a scene from “300”.

What I have found though that makes last minute shopping a lot less stressful is compiling a friends and relative “Wish list” throughout the year. Whenever your loved one says “oh that’s nice” or “I would love that” or “I really wish I could buy that”, write whatever it is down on a piece of paper and the persons name beside it. This way when it gets to Christmas Eve and you have no idea who to buy for and what to get them, you can take out your list and let the Christmas gift buying bonanza begin.

This also works really well when you are stuck for birthday present ideas and you can also create your own little wish list to give to friends and family so you are not disappointed on Christmas morning.


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