The Highland Fayre Christmas Day

by Stewart 18. December 2013 00:20

We all have small family traditions and quirks that make our Christmas day special to us; whether it’s a particular decoration or a certain TV programme there is something that signifies Christmas for all of us.
This week talk in our office has turned to Christmas and we’ve compiled a list of our favourite festive traditions:
Carol’s Christmas doesn’t start until the 24th when her and her family finally get round to putting up the tree.
“We’ve never had it up before Christmas Eve, it’s the last Christmassy thing that we do in our house.”

Once that’s done the family sits down to a relaxing meal together.
When Stewart thinks of Christmas he immediately thinks of cooking dinner with his dad.
“I’m 25 now and have my own place but Christmas at my Mum and Dad’s is just too special to miss.
“I even have to wake up there on Christmas day so I don’t miss a minute of it.”

For Sam Christmas is all about popping the champagne at an hour that would usually be considered unacceptable.
“I just love the sound of a champagne cork popping, that means Christmas to me.”

David has a house full of Children so his Christmas is a bit different to some of our staff!

“It’s a madhouse round ours at Christmas but having kids means that we have new traditions together.

“Our favourite is leaving reindeer ‘food’ out for Santa’s helpers; once we’ve sprinkled it around the garden the children know it’s bed time which is great for us parents!”

 Christmas just isn’t Christmas without a family dispute.
For Clair her favourite tradition is playing games that usually end in a barney.
“We play 60 year old board games in the afternoon and somehow it always ends in an argument; that’s when I know it’s really Christmas.”

If you’re missing out on a family Christmas this year then at least send a fantastic present to say sorry! Have a look at our Family Christmas page.

Planning a Christmas away from home

by Stewart 7. November 2013 01:43

Christmas on holiday is an exciting thought!

Visiting the snow-dusted villages of Italy or the more temperate climates closer to the equator is fantastic during the festive season.
If you want to make your Christmas away even more relaxing then choosing gifts for those left at home is an essential part of the planning process. Here are our top tips for a Christmas away.

1. Remember those at home
Leaving the parents, grandparents and friends at home might be tough so it’s polite to leave them a small gift.

While you’re carving your way down the slopes or sunning yourself at the beach your relatives will be at home wrapping presents and cooking up a storm.

To make life easy for yourself order your presents to be sent direct to the recipient and remove the hassle of fighting through the Christmas shopping crowds when you just want to be packing!

2. Send a food hamper

If you’re leaving behind elderly parents or grandparents then it’s a great idea to send them a gourmet food basket that will arrive before Christmas day.

If you pack the basket with lots of luxury food products your elderly relative won’t have to venture out into the elements because they’ll have all the nibbles they need in front of them!

3. Relax!

Once you’ve ordered all of your gifts from the comfort of your own home you can sit back and read your travel guide or dig out the bikini you thought you wouldn’t need till next summer.

Ordering gifts online means that you can be reassured that they will arrive in time for Christmas and without any extra effort on your part.

You won’t have to do anything after you’ve placed your order so you are free to focus on other things.

You can find more fabulous gift ideas for families on our Family Christmas Hampers page.

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