5 experience days for the office Christmas party

by Stewart 3. December 2013 18:47

The Christmas party can be the best night of the year for you and your staff and so it should be!
If you want to take everyone on an exciting trip then have a look at our 5 favourite experience days for the office Christmas party:
This is a great outing if you have lots of competitive types in your workforce as there’s nothing more likely to bring out a love of winning than a racetrack!
Take your whole team along for a day of competitions but remember to brief them on dress code first so that they don’t all turn up in black tie.

Comedy club
If you don’t think your employees will enjoy a day of high-speed racing fun then maybe a few laughs will be more to their taste.
Some comedy clubs offer cheaper rates for large groups and you’re always guaranteed a hilarious night out, whether your laughing with the comedian or at them.

If the team is full of young ones then let them burn off some steam by running around a field firing brightly coloured paint pellets at each other.
You can split the company into teams to really amp up the competition; everyone will love the chance to get the boss

Cocktail making

This is one for everyone!

There are very few people who don’t enjoy a cocktail or two throughout the festive period and you could even have a mixologist come to your office and teach you in house.

Just remember to have virgin cocktails for the drivers.

Salsa class
If there’s one thing that Strictly Come Dancing has taught us it’s that men love dancing too.
Ask your staff to dress up and take them for an evening of dance tuition with a professional; even if they’re wary to start off with they’ll soon be polka-ing with the best of them!

For great hampers to serve at your Christmas party head over to our office Christmas hampers page.

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