Employee motivation at Christmas

by Stewart 2. December 2013 23:44

Here are our five top tips to improve employee motivation this Christmas.
1.  Give the gift of flexibility

In a survey by Canada Life Group 36% of UK workers stated that flexible working hours would improve their productivity.
If you can’t allow flexitime all year then Christmas is the ideal time to let your staff choose when they work; time to see family, buy gifts and go to school plays will mean your staff are focussed at work.

2. Deck the… desks

Spending eight hours a day in the office during the festive season could be depressing without a bit of Christmas cheer.

Darren Tracey of staffmotivationmatters.co.uk suggests running a competition for the most festive desk.
This will encourage interaction between staff and a small, inexpensive prize may be all the motivation they need.

3. Ask about their life

Paul Jewitt Harris, practice director at Lane4, says that chatting to your staff about their day as well as asking them about their Christmas plans is great for raising spirits.

If you’re a SME then financial motivation may not be possible but it costs nothing to show interest in someone else.

4. Give a gift

There’s a lot to be said for the traditional approach to staff motivation. According to a Forbes article from Vicki Salemi happy workers are 180% more energized than their unhappy counterparts.

If you want to spread the Christmas cheer amongst your staff then give them a Christmas hamper full of luxury goodies for the last week at work before the holidays; a quick mince pie can do wonders to improve happiness!

5. Remember the New Year
Even the most dedicated staff can get the January blues.
Wayne Harrington from Edenred says:
“Spreading the motivation programme across the festive period into the New Year banishes January blues traditionally associated with the return to work and motivates staff for the year ahead."
An annual membership to the cinema or national trust is a great motivational tool and lasts the whole year!

For a selection of lovely hampers visit our Corporate Christmas Gift page.

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